How can rail transport be refuelled?

How can rail transport be refuelled?

On the 660 km long SCNF Paris Marseille line, refuelling the locomotives is essential. A new technical centre has been built, requiring the installation of a fuel storage and distribution station.

The above-ground EUROBOX mobile rail service station we are offering has dual-product distribution capacity, and can supply up to 40,000 litres of RNG (non-road diesel) and 5,000 litres of Adblue. As Adblue is a liquid that is sensitive to temperature variations, its tank has been insulated in a second BLUEBOX-type container to provide better thermal protection.

transportable refuelling station Blocalps

Tailor-made by the Blocalps design office, the EUROBOX station is equipped with an automatic fuel management system for precise control of fuel intake and efficient management of operations.

This containerised service station has 2 reels, one of which is 15 metres long, allowing the locomotive to be refuelled regardless of its position as it approaches the station. The EUROBOX station has a high flow rate of 120 litres per minute for rapid refuelling.

Finally, the containerised service station includes a manhole maintenance hatch that can be swung open and padlocked, with burglar-proof security.

refuelling station locomotive blocalps

Crucial aspect of this mobile service station is its ability to operate in isolated areas. In these environments, security is paramount. That's why the EUROBOX station is designed to be totally enclosed and protected against break-ins. Its pre-painted galvanised steel casing provides maximum protection for internal equipment, such as the tank and dispenser. This design guarantees not only the safety of the installations but also their durability in all weather conditions.

refuelling station container blocalps

In short, the EUROBOX above-ground rail refuelling station represents a complete solution for refuelling locomotives. Its bespoke design, technology and ability to operate in isolated environments make it a strategic investment in ensuring the continuity and safety of rail services, boosting overall network performance.


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