Designer and manufacturer of
aboveground fuel storage solutions

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With a legacy of over 70 years, we have been driven by a commitment to innovation, serving French industrial excellence. Leveraging our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and installation, we specialise in containerized fuel storage solutions.
Backed by more than 20,000 hours of design experience, our integrated Design Office meets the most demanding customer requirements, both in France and abroad. As experienced Senior Technicians in Innovation and Industrial Development, our experts design energy storage, distribution, and management systems. We also develop new industrial products, in perfect harmony with the challenges of a wide range of sectors: transport, construction, industry, aviation, defence, ports, agriculture, and the mountain economy. Always striving for innovation, we support our customers' energy transition by offering refuelling stations that work with alternative fuels.

Aboveground fuel storage solutions made in France

All product engineering phases—design, custom development, manufacturing, and testing—are handled in-house at our site in the French Alps. This expertise guarantees consistent, impeccable quality, responsiveness, and on-time delivery for our 500 fuel storage, distribution, and management station installations.

As trusted partners of some of the largest companies on the market, our innovative technological fuel storage solutions are customised to meet the unique requirements of each customer, ensuring high-standard finishing in compliance with regulations governing the transport and storage of hydrocarbonsn : ICPE - Order 01/07/2004 - JIG

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Mastery of the exceptional logistics involved in aboveground fuel storage solutions.

We ensure the timely delivery and safe handling of your mobile fuel station to its designated location. Our proficiency extends to handling specialised requirements such as lifting, craning, and exceptional convoy transport, both domestically and internationally.

Ensure your fuel storage’s profitability

In the heart of the French Alps, we manage your fuel storage and distribution project

With our team of 25 collaborators, we possess comprehensive expertise in overseeing every aspect of fuel storage and distribution projects.

  • Pre-project phase: On-site layout study of the refuelling station in compliance with environmental regulations (ICPE, Order of July 1, 2004, etc.)
  • Design phase: 3D modelling of refuelling station, feasibility study for customised projects
  • Implementation phase: Manufacture of the refuelling station in our workshop in the French Alps, delivery, installation, and commissioning on the customer’s site.

Designer and manufacturer of fuel storage and distribution systems since 1948

From a young age, René Granger had an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 25, he embarked on his journey by acquiring Chaudronnerie Albanaise, which he renamed after himself in 1989. As a technical expert and pioneer, he made innovation the heart of our development strategy, propelling our evolution from being a manufacturer of fuel oil tanks to designing fuel storage and distribution solutions.

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1948 - Founding of Chaudronnerie Albanaise

Léon Pache and Emile Vagnini were working in a metal workshop in Annecy (Haute-Savoie). Together, they decided to set up their own business and set their sights on a plot of land in Albens (Savoie, France). Thrifty and resourceful, they built the workshop with their own hands and invested in second-hand equipment.

1950 - Manufacture of two manual rollers

New avenues were appearing. Domestic fuel made its appearance, replacing firewood and coal. As a consequence, a demand for methods to store the fluid emerged. In response to this buoyant market, Léon Pache manufactured three 1.50m rolls to assemble medium-capacity tanks (2,000 to 5,000 litres). Demand was enormous and the rolling machine became too small! In just a few months, Léon Pache built one with a 2.20m passage to match the capacities 10,000-litre tanks and bigger.

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1958 - Expansion with the acquisition of a 6,500m2 plot of land

A dozen artisan boilermakers were cramped for space, it was clear we needed to think bigger !

1960 - Inauguration of the new fuel storage tank manufacturing workshop

1,000 tanks produced/year

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1972 - Expansion of premises and investment in equipment

An additional wing was built to house a design office and create offices for management and administrative stations.

A semi-automatic welder with turning device was commissioned and a new hydraulic roller was purchased to provide a 3m passage. This machine is still being used at the Blocalps workshop !

1974 - Downsizing and death of co-founder Léon Pache

Due to a tough economic climate, the company faced challenges including reduced tanker transport due to direct pipeline deliveries, competition from plastic and stainless steel replacing steel, and a shift to gas or electricity instead of domestic fuel. With falling production, layoffs, and the death of one of its founders, the company was running at a slower pace.

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1988 - René Granger, an agent of corporate change

René Granger was hired as Foreman, after 2 years working with a block mould manufacturer. With a Master's degree in boilermaking, he was ideally placed to lead the company into the future.

1989 - René Granger, new boss

After taking over the company, René Granger modernised the tooling, integrating numerical control and laser cutting of thick sheet metal. He had one idea in mind: Bring his ideas to fruition and develop his own projects independently.

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2007 - Relocation to existing industrial building

2016 - Creation of the BLOCALPS fuel storage brand

This brand now carries the company's reputation as a designer and manufacturer of energy storage and distribution solutions, both domestically and internationally.

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