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Provider of aboveground fuel storage solutions

To guarantee the proper handling of your mobile fuel station up to its destination and to meet delivery deadlines, we master the exceptional logistical demands of lifting, craning, and convoy transport, both domestically and internationally.

To ensure that your aboveground refuelling station is delivered in the required condition, we provide you with a concrete slab plan, a station layout plan, and the detailed instructions for site preparation including power supply, concrete slab, unloading and distribution area connected to a hydrocarbon separator, voltage, and wiring.

Commissioning of aboveground fuel storage solutions

We make sure your refuelling station is correctly installed by providing a comprehensive manufacturer's file including the tank identification plate, layout plan, conformity and test certificates, gauging scale, and equipment technical manuals. Refuelling station installation also includes electrical and computer connections if needed. Commissioning is verified through test runs and flow checks at the refuelling station.

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Maintenance Station Service Blocalps Savoie

Maintenance of aboveground fuel storage solutions

Because the longevity of your refuelling station depends on its proper maintenance, planning technical monitoring ensures continuous, trouble-free use. Beyond this geographical perimeter, our authorised installers ensure maintenance operations in compliance with our instructions.

As part of a maintenance contract, the annual maintenance package for your fuel storage and dispensing station includes a one-off follow-up visit, a complete 50-point check-up and a support hotline. Every year, filters need to be cleaned, calibrations and gauges checked, and stocks updated. About every five years, a major overhaul must be performed to replace fuel distribution hoses, drive belts, and intake vanes.

Ico No Genie Civil

No need for underground civil engineering

Thanks to its aboveground configuration, the refuelling station does not require burying, thus saving on underground civil engineering. It's a significant economic advantage in favour of this aboveground fuel storage solution.
Ico Transportable@1x


Designed to adapt to your needs and be transferred from one site to another, the mobile refuelling station gives all your vehicles and machines total refilling autonomy. The refuelling station has total mobility, wherever you need it and whenever you want it, in strict compliance with environmental standards.
Ico Roi@1x

Return on investment

Opting for an aboveground fuel storage and distribution solution not only significantly decreases the time needed for refuelling operations but also leads to cost savings by consolidating fuel consumption quantities. Besides the financial benefits realised during its operation, the installation of an aboveground refuelling station presents an opportunity to leverage its residual value.
Ico Anti Effraction@1x

Theft protection

Integrated into a customised container module, stations dispensing fuel and other liquids are secure and protected from bad weather. A manual roller shutter, insulated door with a pump access hatch, and lockable, watertight casing secure the dispensing cabin.
Ico Controle Facile

Easy to control

Management and gauging systems provide better control over consumption and supply. The hosted integration and computerized management system includes user and/or vehicle recognition and enables secure remote control over products and consumption. As a result, you'll be able to reduce fuel purchase costs.
Ico Installation Rapide

Quick installation

The aboveground containerized refuelling station is easy to install as it only requires a stable concrete base on which to place the tank.
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