Why choose
the AEROBOX station?

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Safe and reliable refuelling

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Private or public use
Private or public use

Safe and reliable refuelling

Meeting international JIG safety standards, the AEROBOX refuelling station incorporates a tank designed with a 2% slope to create a low point, connected to the drainage unit with fuel recovery tank.  The mobile refuelling station is equipped with a water- and particle-filtration system and a refuelling unit with aviation hose, specifically designed for aviation requirements. With an aviation-grade or stainless steel inner lining, the tank can hold JET A1, AVGAS 100LL, or UL91 aviation fuels, depending on your requirements. To ensure the reliability of your customs declarations, the integration of a tank gauge facilitates the LNE calibration of your tax-free fuels.

Economical and long-lasting refuelling solution

Thanks to its aboveground configuration, the AEROBOX refuelling station does not require burying, thus saving on underground civil engineering. It's a significant economic advantage in favour of this aboveground fuel storage solution . Protected by the closed container module, the aviation fuel tank and equipment for the AEROBOX mobile refuelling station are protected from bad weather. The container is equipped with pre-lacquered galvanized steel ribbed sheeted panelling with a 10-year warranty against corrosion and offers excellent resale value once operations are finished, unlike the underground solution, which incurs costs for neutralisation and possible soil remediation.

Designed to be transported from one site to another according to your needs, the AEROBOX mobile refuelling station gives your aircraft and helicopters refilling autonomy through total mobility, wherever you need it and whenever you want it.

Adaptable aviation fuel storage capacity

The mobile refuelling station comprises an EN 12285-2-compliant aviation-grade fuel tank with a capacity from 3,000 to 100,000 litres of aviation-grade fuel. The containerised refuelling station is fitted with 316 L stainless steel pipes, providing excellent corrosion resistance and preserving fuel quality. To facilitate maintenance, they are fitted with flanges. The AEROBOX fuel station fully complies with all environmental standards and regulations (JIG, ICPE 1435/4734, ATEX, etc.).

Aviation fuel consumption management and card payments

Monitor fuel consumption by integrating an automatic aviation fuel management system. The computerised management system with user recognition makes product intake safe. The AEROBOX mobile refuelling station can be fitted with a private or public (MID-compliant) management system with optional bank card payment.

Theft-proof aviation fuel storage

A manual roller shutter secures the distribution cabin for this containerised refuelling station. In addition, it features a galvanised steel bottom rail and key-operated lock. The bottom rail can be positioned on all sides. Last but not least, the containerised refuelling station features a manhole maintenance hatch that is pivotable, lockable, and equipped with theft-proof security measures.

Modular design

Your needs dictate its position and features.

Customised and manufactured in France, this AEROBOX mobile refuelling station offers unlimited modularity. IT provides seamless and successful integration into your airfield site.

A refuelling solution adapted to maritime transport

Available in a maritime container and equipped with a CSC plate, the ISO ECOTANK container refuelling station is approved for multimodal transport by sea, land, or air. Adapted to international transport, it optimises the cost of container transport.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity from 3 to 100m3
  • Tank with a 2% slope and aviation-grade or stainless steel lining
  • Stainless steel floating suction line
  • Access hatch and ladder to enter the tank
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Stainless steel overfill prevention valve
  • Water and particle filtration in compliance with aviation standards
  • Aviation reel with 6- to 40-m hose
  • 3- to 40-m3/h refuelling unit (MID* metrological)
  • Underwing and/or automatic atmospheric nozzle
  • Flow meter with electronic or mechanical display
  • Draining and sampling line
  • Stainless steel fuel recovery tank
  • ATEX-compliant equipment
  • 8m3/h- to 60m3/h-filling pump
  • Caged ladder, catwalk, and guardrail to access the station roof
  • Container protecting the tank and equipment.


  • Power supplied by generator*


  • Possibility to preset distributed volume*


  • Remote management software*
  • Payment terminal (credit card/customer account)


  • LNE-certified tank gauge*
  • Electronic level control*


  • Choice of exterior colour
  • Availability of ISO-certified containers for maritime use