Why choose
the Adblue BLUEBOX station?

Bluebox Transport

Autonomous AdBlue refuelling

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Compact refuelling station
Compact refuelling station

Compact, multipurpose AdBlue tank

Composed of a compact module, the AdBlue BLUEBOX station can be placed in very small spaces and high-quality finish for seamless on-site integration. Thanks to its small size—less than 1 metre wide for models with 1,500- and 3,000-litre AdBlue tanks—it can be placed easily on an existing island or between two distribution lanes. The AdBlue distribution cabin is secured by an insulated door with an access hatch to the pump, which can be positioned on all sides as required.

To make the AdBlue tank safe, the access hatch to the nozzle can be locked with latch and key.

The tank can also be connected to a MID dispenser, making it possible to resell the stored product in public refuelling stations.

Optimal AdBlue storage

The BLUEBOX AdBlue station meets the requirements of the sensitive AdBlue product. AdBlue should be stored out of direct sunlight, at a temperature between -6°C and 25°C, in a distribution unit or in a closed, clean container. The 40 mm insulated panels of the BLUEBOX module provide the AdBlue tank and equipment with mechanical protection and excellent thermal insulation for AdBlue storage. A converter-type frost protection device and forced ventilation ensure temperature control. The roof of the AdBlue tank is also insulated to limit energy loss.

Flexible capacity

Available in 1,500- to 20,000-litre capacities, the BLUEBOX AdBlue station holds HDPE storage tanks reinforced with metal belts.

The containerised refuelling station is fitted with crimped stainless steel pipes for excellent corrosion resistance.

Efficient AdBlue distribution

The BLUEBOX AdBlue station is equipped with a 35L/min submerged pump distribution system to make replenishing your vehicles in Adblue easy. (The AdBlue tank can also be equipped with an electronic gauge, providing the capability to manage storage volume and perform refills either on-site or remotely.) Integratable with the Eurobox aboveground refueling station, the AdBlue storage and distribution module is also compatible with your existing refuelling station.

Mobile AdBlue container

Thanks to its aboveground configuration, the BLUEBOX refuelling station does not require burying, thus saving on underground civil engineering. It's a significant economic advantage in favour of this aboveground AdBlue storage solution.

Designed to adapt to your needs from one site to another, the BLUEBOX transportable refuelling station gives all your vehicles and machines refilling autonomy through total mobility, wherever you need it and whenever you want it.

Long-lasting AdBlue tank

Protect your tank and equipment from the elements.

A closed module protects the tank and equipment of the BLUEBOX mobile filling station  from bad weather; the top layer of the AdBlue tank panels is made of pre-painted galvanised steel with a 10-year warranty against corrosion.

AdBlue consumption management

Control your consumption by integrating an Adblue automatic management system or by connecting the distribution system to your own automatic management system.

The computerised management system with user and/or vehicle recognition makes product intake safe. The BLUEBOX mobile refuelling stationshows you exactly how much each vehicle consumes. As a result, you'll be able to better control consumption, better manage your purchases, and reduce AdBlue costs.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating temperature from -30° to +55° C.
  • Automatic stainless steel filling connector.
  • Pneumatic or electronic gauging.
  • HDPE storage tank reinforced with metal belts.
  • A locked access hatch to the nozzle with latch and key lock.
  • An access hatch allowing easy access to the tank for maintenance.
  • Automatic pump shutdown when the nozzle is replaced.
  • Electrical box with protection of persons.
  • One vent per tank.
  • Stainless steel crimped pipes.
  • Signage of product and volume stored.
  • Possibility of special projects (isolated module for high pressure cleaner, oil storage, chemical products, etc.).
  • Easy handling with forklift pockets..


  • Connection to your automatic management system or installation of an independent.


  • Reel with 8- to 16-m hose.*
  • Automatic stainless steel nozzle with magnetic foolproof adapter.*
  • Mechanical ventilation with automatic regulation.*
  • Leak detector.*
  • Stainless steel overfill prevention valve.*


  • Recovery tray*


  • Interior and exterior lighting with presence sensor.*