Why choose
the ECOTANK station?

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100% mobile tank

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100% autonomous operation
100% autonomous operation

Economical fuel storage solution

Thanks to its aboveground configuration, the ECOTANK refuelling station designed for aboveground fuel storage and distribution doesn't require burying, thus saving on underground civil engineering. It's a significant economic advantage in favour of this aboveground fuel storage solution .

Equipped with a CSC plate, the ISO ECOTANK container refuelling station is approved for multimodal transport by sea, land, or air. It cuts transport costs in half.

Mobile refuelling station for autonomous operation in all locations

Designed to be totally autonomous, the ECOTANK transportable refuelling station meets the most stringent requirements for autonomy and mobility, even in the most isolated environments. The ECOTANK containerised station—equipped with either a built-in generator ranging from 5.2 to 19 kW or solar panels—guarantees an energy supply in total compliance with the requirements of various business sectors: transport, mines, quarries, construction, industry, defence, agriculture, etc.

Tank compliant with standards and regulations

The mobile refuelling station comprises an EN 12285-2-compliant tank with a capacity of up to 40,000 litres. The containerised refuelling station is fitted with crimped electro-galvanized steel pipes for excellent corrosion resistance. Perfectly suited to international maritime transport, this 6- to 40-ft ISO container protects the tank and its equipment, while fully complying with all environmental regulations (Order of 1 July 2004 and ICPE 14354734/ATEX).

Multi-fluid distribution and storage

Designed for the storage and distribution of all types of fuel—diesel, petrol, kerosene, DDO, oils, etc.—this containerised multi-fluid refuelling station makes it possible to store several products simultaneously in a single ECOTANK. Equipped with dispensing devices from 50l/min to 600l/min, the ECOTANK tank adapts to your needs.

One or more volumetric pumps replenish your fleet of vehicles with fuel and technical fluids, in complete autonomy.

Energy management

Control fuel consumption by integrating an automatic fuel management system. The computerized management system, equipped with user and/or vehicle recognition, ensures the safety of product intake from the ECOTANK refueling station and enables accurate monitoring of fuel consumption for each vehicle.

Theft-proof refuelling station

Totally enclosed, the container ensures the station's discretion and enhanced security. Maintenance of the containerised refuelling station is facilitated by the catwalk accessed via pivotable, lockable hatch equipped with theft-proof security measures.

Technical characteristics

  • Single-wall tank fixed in a retention tank with 110% of the total volume or double-wall tank mounted on bearing plates avoiding any risk of fuel leakage
  • 50l/min to 1000l/min dispenser
  • Wide range of fuel pumps and management software.
  • ISO maritime container from 6 to 40 ft
  • Ventilation grids and maintenance hatch
  • Cabin with retention tank located under the fuel pump and filling connector to recover droplets
  • Filling, venting, and suction pipes crimped in electro-galvanized steel and mounted with flanges for easy disassembly. All pipes are fully leak-tested before departure.
  • Overfill prevention valve.
  • Anti-siphon valve
  • Mechanical gauging
  • Degassing vapours returned to the tank
  • Electrical box, cabin interior and exterior lighting
  • Side hatch for LAN connection or junction for additional storage*
  • Integration of a manual or motorised rolling shutter*
  • Distribution of oil and technical liquids*
  • Electronic gauging with remote stock management (remote gauging)
  • Built-in compressor*
  • Reel with 6- to 30-m hose*
  • Cage ladder for manhole access*
  • Integration of a generator or solar panels for complete station autonomy*
  • Water- and particle-filtration system.*
  • Customisable container colour*


  • Manhole access


  • Generator


  • Reels
  • Fuel pump


  • Filling pump


  • Rolling shutter motor
  • Opening via automatic badges


  • Automatic management system


  • Electronic gauge
  • ATEX high level switch
  • LNE-certified tank gauge


  • Choice of rolling shutter colour


  • Separation of tank and cabin
  • Electric keypad
  • Aluminium (if ATEX)
  • Shear valve and ball valve
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Ground shunts