Why choose
the MOBICUVE station?

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On-site refuelling

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ADR mobile container
ADR mobile container

Worksite refuelling

The MOBICUVE fuel storage tank is a sturdy, dual-skinned monoblock unit that is resistant to the toughest environments. Particularly well-suited to refuelling on construction sites, the MOBICUVE tank offers storage capacities from 500 to 5,000 litres.

Ready to use, this worksite container is easy to handle, thanks to its 4 hoisting points and forklift pockets.

ADR-approved tank

Approved as Group III packaging for the transportation and storage of diesel fuel on public roads, the MOBICUVE worksite tank is supplied with its ADR certificate of conformity issued by the inspection office for fuel storage capacities ranging from 500 to 2000 litres. Made of steel, this ADR tank features protective sidewalls up to 10mm thick.

Compliance with environmental standards for fuel storage

The MOBICUVE is designed to be transported from one site to another without requiring draining and degassing, in compliance with environmental standards. Equipped with an anti-spill vent equipped with a self-sealing system to prevent pollution if the nozzle is dropped during transport. In compliance with the on-site storage standard specified by the Order of 01/07/2004, the tank is equipped with a 2″ filling inlet with mechanical overfill prevention valve and offers integrated retention of 110% of the tank capacity.

Secured fuel storage

A lockable, watertight casing secures the pump unit and the MOBICUVE worksite tank equipment. The protective cover features an additional theft-protection system to prevent the lock from being cut.

Technical characteristics

  • Anti-spill vent equipped with a self-sealing system to prevent pollution if the nozzle is dropped
  • Filter equipped with a water absorption cartridge mounted on the pump discharge*
  • Lockable cover with two locking cylinders and hose routing
  • 400-mm maintenance hatch with operation tappings
  • Filling inlet with mechanical overfill prevention valve and symmetrical coupling (mandatory for on-site storage)
  • Suction with check valve and strainer
  • Safety instructions
  • Complies with the standard for on-site fuel storage (Order of 1 July 2004).
  • Cylindrical inner and outer shell made of folded sheet metal with a drain plug
  • Compatible with our AdBlue construction site tank (MOBIBLUE).*


  • 12/24-volt distribution kit with clamps for battery- or 230V-power supply*
  • Hoses, automatic nozzle, and flowmeter with display, totaliser, and reset


  • Dial gauge


  • Customisable colour*