How fuel storage improves site productivity in construction sites

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As a specialist in technical and complex projects, your major challenge is to meet tight deadlines, which are often imposed by your customers or weather conditions. To save time and reduce operating costs, how can we optimize truck and machine refuelling?

Worksite refuelling station: Transportable fuel storage and distribution

By internalising motor refuelling, the days when you had to wait for the closest fuel supplier to be available are over! Guaranteeing all your vehicles total independence of refuelling and repair represents a precious economic gain.

Designed to be easily transported and moved around your worksites, the aboveground multi-fluid supply workshop container lets you control your worksite schedule and track its geographical evolution. With strict adherence to environmental constraints, the combination of a fuel, oil, and additive transport tank with aboveground and mobile distribution ensures optimal autonomy for your daily operations on construction sites.

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Bad weather and fuel storage

The fuel storage tank must stand the test of time, and prove its robustness. For resistance against impacts, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions, it is advisable to choose a worksite container with a dual-skin, monoblock steel reservoir. ADR-certified, the site tank is easy to transport from one site to another.

How do you manage AdBlue refuelling on site?

In compliance with environmental standards, construction equipment, cranes, and other non-road mobile machines are reducing their carbon footprint. Now equipped with SCR technology, these vehicles require AdBlue fluid, which effectively shrinks their nitrogen oxide emissions.

To ensure on-site AdBlue refuelling, a compact on-site AdBlue storage container can be used with the fuel storage tank thanks to quick, tool-free assembly.

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Secure site machinery refuelling

Refuelling your many vehicles and machines is as much a safety issue as a financial one. While on-board refuelling is becoming less common, its cost is constantly rising.

Aboveground fuel storage and distribution solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to on-board systems, with optimum safety for users.

Construction industry players: Control your fuel consumption

Our containerised solutions, equipped with an automated fuel management system with contactless badge, help you efficiently manage your fuel consumption and open up opportunities for budget savings.

At the depot, save time refuelling your vehicles and equipment

Our aboveground fuel storage and distribution solutions enable you to considerably reduce the time involved in refuelling operations.

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