How to secure the energy supply for the armed forces?

Stockage Carburant Defense
As a critical component of the defence infrastructure, the energy supply for the armed forces provides freedom of action and determines the level of mobility and presence in all operational theatres, including OPINT and OPEX operations.

Control the autonomy of your armed forces

To ensure the continuous and reliable supply of the armed forces in all circumstances and locations, establishing tool stocks meets daily operational requirements. Additionally, maintaining crisis and strategic stocks ensures independence from national and international supply crises.

Ravitaillement Autonome Base Militaire Blocalps
Avitaillement Armee Container Stockage Energie Blocalps

Your military fuel under high security

Warehouses must be equipped with intrinsically safe facilities that are resistant to destruction, offer excellent guarantees in terms of protection against technological risks, and seamlessly blend into the landscape.

Robust fuel storage and distribution solutions

Designed for agile installation and operations in extreme climatic conditions and the most remote operational theatres, our mobile refuelling stations are specifically developed to support engaged forces by ensuring a sustainable and uninterrupted supply of fuel and additives for OPINT and OPEX operations.

Military Safety & Environment

To meet the requirements of the SEA (Service des Essences des Armées) both in France and abroad, our aboveground fuel storage and distribution solutions ensure energy autonomy while strictly adhering to environmental standards and aligning with military security concerns.

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