How can we facilitate maritime refuelling?

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As critical as it is necessary, refuelling maritime craft requires the highest levels of safety, security, and environmental protection.

Facilitate your maritime refuelling

Merchant marine, boaters, and fishermen are well aware of the extensive list of meticulous procedures required for refuelling operations. When on-board refuelling is not possible, aboveground fuel storage and distribution solutions adapt to the constraints of maritime operators and make refuelling manoeuvres much easier.

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Environmentally-friendly fuel storage

At the dock, container handling equipment such as container handlers and reach stackers benefit from having their fuel autonomy, as it enhances both efficiency and safety during operations.

Designed for quick and easy installation at all port sites, our containerised fuel storage and distribution solutions are easily transported and stored on the dock to ensure fuel and additive supplies. In strict compliance with environmental constraints, our aboveground refuelling stations fully comply with ATEX standards and ICPE 1435 / 4734 regulations.

A financial issue for fishermen, tax-free fuel can be a source of dispute. Equipped with a certified LNE calibration system, our aerial fuel storage and distribution stations ensure accurate fuel measurement, subject to scrutiny by customs and tax authorities.

Navigators: Control your maritime fuel management

The fuel consumption of your vessel is not only an environmental concern but also a significant financial burden on your operations. Integrating a computerised management system right from the design stage of the aboveground refuelling station makes it easier to monitor consumption, opening up opportunities for budget savings, while reducing your ecological footprint.

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