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the EVOBLOC (Bio)NGV station

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Your partner in the energy transition

The EVOBLOC refuelling station brings you one step closer to sustainable transport by refilling your fleet on-site using NGV and BioNGV. It adapts seamlessly to your site and offers genuine logistic comfort with slow, fast, and mixed refilling capacities and turnkey, compact, and customisable designs.


The EVOBLOC is entirely customisable and can adapt to your growing fleet. Thanks to its containerised configuration, additional modules can be easily adjoined to the initial station to meet your needs.


The Blocalps Natural Gas Vehicle refuelling station meets safety standards for fire protection and thermal insulation thanks to its modular design incorporating technical materials compatible with any site. Its structure is soundproofed to preserve neighbours from nuisance noise. The built-in 330-bar equipment makes the EVOBLOC refuelling station future-ready.


The gas and BioNGV storage and distribution solution developed by Blocalps follows pre-project stages with a study of the on-site refuelling station layout, the design phase using 3D modelling, a feasibility study, and finally manufacturing. With over 70 years' experience as a manufacturer of aboveground and containerised refuelling stations, we can deliver a turnkey refueling station.

Technical characteristics

  • Compressor capacity adapted to your needs
  • 330-Bar compression and storage equipment compatible with distribution up to 250 bar
  • Slow/Fast/Mixed charge
  • Fully galvanized frame with 10-year warranty
  • Outside panelling with 10-year warranty
  • High-pressure stainless steel pipes with double fittings
  • Gas detector connected to monitoring
  • Vent pipe
  • ATEX ventilation
  • Electrical box with emergency stop push button
  • Automatic management system with remote supervision
  • Outdoor and indoor LED ATEX lighting
  • Handling points on top and bottom
  • ATEX compliant


  • 2-hour fire-rated module
  • Sound insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Choice of exterior colour
  • Custom finishing profiles
  • Possibility of solutions using a sheltered or containerised skid

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