How to make aircraft refuelling safe?

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As aviation enthusiasts, you know that when it comes to refuelling, you need to be particularly vigilant about the positioning of your equipment and the quantity of fuel delivered to avoid serious consequences for flight safety. An essential element in the organisation of airports and airfields, the design of airport refuelling systems contributes to minimizing safety risks for tourist flights, rescue operations, helicopter flights, recreational flights, military intervention flights, flight schools, and aerial work operations.

Bringing refuelling infrastructures at airfields and flying clubs up to standard

Faced with the environmental challenges posed by hydrocarbons, oil companies are opposed to serving infrastructures that do not comply with risk prevention and environmental protection regulations. As part of the process of bringing your underground fuelling station up to standard, the installation of an aboveground fuelling station gives you continuity of service and rapid deployment on your site. Manufactured in accordance with standard NF EN 12285-2, our aboveground refuelling stations eliminate any risk of slow pollution and guarantee soil preservation on aviation sites.

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Fuel storage and distribution adapted to helicopters

By owning your own aboveground fuel storage tank, you can customise your aircraft's fuelling to reduce the frequency of rotor start-ups and the associated maintenance costs. Designed for quick and easy installation on heliports, our aboveground fuel storage and distribution solutions optimise your refuelling frequency and the volume of fuel taken from each helicopter base, to fly at the ideal weight.

When you operate your helicopter under a fixed-term contract, you capitalise on the mobility of your aboveground refuelling station. At the end of your contract, the aboveground tank can be moved to another base or resold to another operator.

Aircraft pilots: Control your fuel consumption

Because fuel is a major operating expense, it’s one of the main costs in aviation. Optimising aircraft fuel consumption not only improves a flight’s economic performance, it also reduces its carbon footprint. As a partner in your rigorous management, our solutions help you analyse and control consumption, thus opening up opportunities for budget savings.

Regulation for fuel storage and distribution in aviation

Compliant with risk prevention and environmental protection regulations, our fuel storage and distribution solutions fully comply with international JIG directives, ATEX standards, and ICPE 1435 / 4734 regulations.

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