Industrial companies: How can you improve your autonomy in fluid management?

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How can you sustain your operations without powering assembly lines, industrial furnaces, or refuelling reach stackers and other handling equipment?

Secure the supply of your production and handling infrastructures

Ensuring the supply of your production facilities and machine and vehicle fleets represents a significant and indispensable time component. Because they are flexible and mobile, our aboveground fuel storage and distribution solutions enable you to considerably reduce the time involved in refuelling operations. Designed for flexible installation and operation in all weather conditions, our aboveground refuelling modules ensure a continuous supply of fuel and additives and secure the refuelling of your handling equipment.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Given the responsibility of hydrocarbon storage for soil pollution, aboveground fuel storage eliminates any risk of slow pollution, while saving on heavy, underground civil engineering.

Ensure your fuel storage’s profitability

Unlike an underground refuelling station, an investment in an aboveground refuelling station allows you to capitalise on its residual value. Due to its mobility, an aboveground tank can easily be resold for a new operation.

Supply for the mining industry and ICPE sites

To power its sophisticated and costly ore extraction machinery, a mining operation consumes large quantities of fuels and fluids. In the quarrying and mining industries, operating autonomy has a direct impact on operational profitability. To reduce the number of refuelling journeys, a mobile refuelling station offers fuel storage close-by, and can be transported from one operating site to another. Designed in compliance with the NF EN 12285-2 standard, our aboveground refuelling stations preserve the soil on ICPE-rated sites, in compliance with environmental regulations.

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