How to save on refuelling in road transport?

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Refueling your fleet of vehicles incurs significant but essential costs and time. Ensuring that all your trucks are completely independent in terms of refuelling is often a source of major savings.

Save on refuelling your trucks

By internalising motor refuelling, the days when you had to go to the nearest public refueling station to refuel are over! With your private aboveground refuelling station, you choose when to refuel and optimise your fuel purchases by negotiating volume rates. Our aboveground fuel storage and distribution solutions enable you to considerably reduce the time and cost involved in refuelling operations. As a partner in your efficient management, computerised monitoring of your fuel consumption streamlines vehicle traceability through automation. Control your actual fuel consumption, thanks to this tracking system, which opens up the prospect of budget savings on your fuel supplies.

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Carriers and coach operators: Become the owner of your own refuelling system

Are you operating a temporary site? Are you not the owner of your operating site? Monitor your refuelling and make a lasting investment! Your above-ground fuel storage and distribution solution adapts to your evolving infrastructure, while remaining your property. Useful wherever you need it, your aboveground refuelling station can be transported from one site to another and resold at its residual value.

AdBlue refuelling

To comply with the Euro 6 European anti-pollution standard, your truck and coach engines need AdBlue. Compatible with your aboveground refuelling station, the AdBlue storage and dispensing module meets the requirements of this sensitive additive.

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint and looking for greener fuel alternatives? To meet the challenges you face today, we're moving towards aboveground gas storage and distribution solutions.

Regulation for fuel storage and distribution in road transport

Compliant with risk prevention and environmental protection regulations, our fuel storage and distribution solutions fully comply with the regulations specified in the 1 July 2004 order. Manufactured in accordance with standard NF EN 12285-2, our aboveground refuelling stations eliminate any risk of slow pollution and guarantee soil preservation at ICPE-classified sites.

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Integrating washing into your refuelling station

Available in 1,500- to 20,000-litre capacities, the BLUEBOX AdBlue station holds HDPE storage tanks reinforced with metal belts. Their compact size makes them easy to position: The 3000-litre AdBlue tank is less than a meter wide.
The containerised refuelling station is fitted with crimped stainless steel pipes for excellent corrosion resistance. The BLUEBOX fuel station fully complies with all environmental regulations (Order of 1 July 2004 and ICPE 1435 / 4734).

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A refuelling station set to your style

If you are the owner of your operating site, you have complete freedom to adapt your infrastructure to your needs, while guaranteeing aesthetic on-site integration.

Refuelling for multimodal transport

In light of energy challenges, developing alternative and environmentally friendly solutions within transport has become crucial. As an alternative to 100% road transport, multimodal transport reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also multiplies the problems of fleet refuelling by combining road and rail.

To accommodate the refuelling requirements of both trucks and shunting locomotives, which play a crucial role in scheduling freight wagons based on the train's routing plan, a customised aboveground refuelling station featuring a dual-track system enables simultaneous multimodal distribution.

Guaranteeing the safety of train passengers, rail track spacing maintenance requires the use of worksite locomotives, which can be moved as required. Lack of refuelling options that align with their mobility often forces a reduction in the utilisation range. To make these manoeuvres as fluid as possible, aboveground fuel storage and distribution means we can be as close as possible to the inspection vehicles, without needing civil engineering or burying.

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