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Branded fuel container
Branded fuel container

Adaptable refuelling station Transportable & cost-effective refuelling station

Thanks to its aboveground configuration, the EUROBOX refuelling station saves on underground civil engineering, as it does not require burying. This aboveground fuel storage solution is as economical as it is environmentally responsible, preventing any risk of slow pollution.

The mobile design of the EUROBOX transportable refuelling station gives all your vehicles and machines total refilling autonomy through total mobility, wherever you need it and whenever you want it,

Unlike an underground refuelling station, the mobility provided by EUROBOX is an additional advantage, making it easier to resell and capitalise on this investment with residual value.

Multi-fluid distribution and storage

The modularity of the EUROBOX multi-fluid mobile station enables you to store and distribute a large number of products simultaneously. The tanks can contain: Diesel, Petrol, Ethanol, GNR, ADblue, B100, Oils, Windshield washer fluid, Coolant, and more.

Equipped with one or more dispensing units, this multi-fluid refuelling station enables you to replenish your fleet of vehicles with petrol, diesel, Adblue, and technical liquids.

Energy management

Control your fuel consumption by integrating an automatic fuel management system.

The computerised management system with user and/or vehicle recognition makes product intake safe. The EUROBOX mobile refuelling stationshows you exactly how much each vehicle consumes. As a result, you'll be able to better reduce consumption and reduce fuel purchase costs.

Generous fuel container

The mobile refuelling station comprises an EN 12285-2-compliant tank with a capacity of up to 100,000 litres. The containerised refuelling station is fitted with crimped electro-galvanized steel pipes for excellent corrosion resistance. To facilitate disassembly, they are fitted with flanges.

Adaptable refuelling station

Your needs dictate its position and features.

Customised and manufactured in France, this EUROBOX mobile refuelling station offers unlimited modularity. Its adaptable design can integrate your specific functional requirements:  simultaneous supplies thanks to a multi-track distribution configuration, or 2-in-1 thanks to the integration of a high-pressure cleaning room (fuel distribution and vehicle wash).

Long-lasting containerised tank

Protect your tank and dispensers from the elements.

An enclosed module protects the EUROBOX mobile filling station tank and equipment from bad weather. It consists of pre-lacquered galvanized steel ribbed sheeted panelling with a 10-year warranty against corrosion. The corners and parapets of this modular refuelling station are clad in pre-painted sheet metal for an elegant finish. The roof can also be fitted with a gutter for rainwater drainage.

Theft-proof fuel storage

A roller shutter secures the distribution cabin of this containerised refuelling station and can be positioned on all sides. The shutter is motorized and easy to operate as it can be combined with the fuel management module to unlock the curtain using the management module's contactless badges. Last but not least, the containerised refuelling station features a manhole maintenance hatch that is pivotable, lockable, and equipped with theft-proof security measures.

Respect for the environment

Thanks to its customised design, the EUROBOX mobile refuelling station  blends seamlessly and aesthetically into your environment or site. The aboveground design of the EUROBOX fuel station prevents slow pollution. Our aboveground fuel storage solution is equipped with a retention tank, overfill prevention valve, and leak detector, and complies strictly with all environmental regulations (1 July 2004 order and ICPE 1435/4734).

Technical characteristics

  • Tank compliant to standard EN12285-2, double-wall or on retention tank
  • Capacity from 3 to 100m3
  • Flow pump for heavy duty and light vehicles
  • Fully galvanized frame with 10-year warranty
  • Outside panelling with 10-year warranty
  • Electro-galvanized steel crimped pipes mounted with flanges for easy maintenance
  • Mechanical or electronic gauging
  • Anti-drip tray under the fuel pump and filling connector
  • Leak detector
  • Overfill prevention valve.
  • Anti-siphon valve
  • One vent per compartment
  • Degassing vapours returned to the tank
  • Signage of product and volume stored
  • Electrical box with emergency stop push button
  • Outdoor and indoor LED lighting
  • Handling via four hoisting points
  • Compliant to Order of 1 July 2004 / ICPE 1435-4734/ATEX


  • Cage ladder, catwalk, and guardrail


  • Generator


  • Reel with 6- to 30-m hose*
  • 8- to 60m3/h filling pump


  • Indoor and outdoor LED lighting*
  • Contactless rolling shutter operation*
  • Awning to protect users


  • Secured automatic fuel management system*


  • Choice of exterior colour*
  • Gutters


  • Water- and particle-filtration system*
  • Compressor

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